List of Daily Use Items and Their Sustainable Alternatives

All of the material that is either recycled or trashed comes from our daily use. If we replace those daily use items with more re-usable ones we could greatly reduce the waste and the amount of recycle we have to deal with.

We have prepared a list of most commonly used daily items. You could buy most of these items on

Item name Sustainable alternative
Kitchen paper towels Washable cloth cleaning towels
Plastic shopping bags Reusable shopping or produce bags
Plastic cleaning and scrub brushes Bamboo based scrubbing brushes
Plastic based cotton buds Bamboo based cotton swabs
Hair combs and brushes Bamboo hairbrushes and combs
Serving trays Bamboo wood serving tray
Toothbrushes Bamboo toothbrushes
Travel cutlery Bamboo travel cutlery set
Serving bowls Coconut shell bowls
Scrubbing sponges

Double sides scrubbing sponges

Microfiber scrubbing sponges

Palm fiber scrubbing sponges

Mini ice cube trays

Silicon mini ice cube trays

Plant starter pots

Paper based plant starter pots

Make remover pads

Reusable bamboo fiber makeup remover pads

Drinking straws

Bamboo based drinking straws

Metal drinking straws

Food strainer bag

Nylon mesh reusable food strainer bag

Tea bags

Reusable tea infuser

Plastic ziplock bags

Silicone reusable ziplock bags

Shaving razors

Reusable stainless steel safety razor

Story telling finger puppets

Cotton based finger puppets

Phone charging power bank

Solar charging power bank

Water bottles

Reusable stainless steel water bottle with bamboo insulation

Disposable coffee pods Reusable coffee pods (coming soon)
Pet toys Corduroy Plush Toys for Pets (coming soon)
Plastic food wrap Beeswax food wrap (coming soon)
Soap dishes Bamboo soap dishes (coming soon)
Toothbrush holder Bamboo toothbrush holder (coming soon)


Looking for something else?

This of course is not a complete list of items we use in our daily lives. Please feel free to write a comment and suggest any sustainable alternatives you would like to see here and are looking to buy.

Let's all make a difference together!

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