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  • Image for three reusable different size ziplock bags in pink color.
  • Image for reusable ziplock bags, pack of three. The large bag is shown as containing vegetables and the smaller bags are shown containing dry beans.
  • Image for three reusable silicone ziplock bags containing vegetables, noodles and bread etc.
  • Image for three reusable silicone ziplock bags with marked dimensions. The large bag is 10.23 inch long and 9.13 inch wide. The medium bag is 8.66 inch long and 6.14 inch wide. The small bag is 7.48 inch long and 5.31 inch wide.
  • Image for reusable silicone ziplock bags, pack of three containing fruits and vegetables placed on a table with a white flower next to them.
  • Image for three reusable silicone ziplock bags in gray color.
  • Image for three reusable ziplock bags of different sizes in white color.
  • Image for reusable silicone ziplock bag being used to store the liquid food where it shows it is leak proof and the liquid can be easily transferred to a bowl when removing from storage.
  • Image with a person holding a reusable silicone ziplock bag containing large green peppers. The other three bags are placed on the table containing vegetables and fruits in them.
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Reusable Ziplock Bags | Zero Waste Silicone Ziplocs | Reusable Freezer Bags | Washable Sandwich Bags | 3 Pack

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Reduce the plastic use at home

A large number of throw away ziplock bags are trashed every year. They are used in a variety of ways, from packing sandwiches to storing food in refrigerator etc. But in the end they are thrown out and not even recycled. This contributes to the plastic going into our oceans. These multi-size silicone ziplocks can be washed and reused to completely avoid the plastic. Save money, save environment.

3 bags of different size each

Included in the package are 3 different size bags: 1 Large (9.13in x 10.23in), 1 Medium (6.14in x 8.66in) and 1 Small (5.31in x 7.48in) to serve a variety of usages. They have 1800ml, 580ml and 420ml capacity respectively. Use them for storing and carrying solid or liquid food. They can be securely locked to fully seal the liquid without any leakage.

Multipurpose reusable bags

Use these eco friendly and durable bags as:

  • Sandwich bags
  • Freezer bags to store liquid or solid food (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish)
  • Storage bags to store dry food such as cereals, beans, oatmeal, peanuts etc.

High and low temperature resistance

They can be used as freezer bags to freeze the food and heated in microwave to defrost or even warm the food. Safe temperature range is -40 degrees celsius to 180 degrees celsius.

Dishwasher safe

They can be washed in the dishwasher or sterilized in boiling water. It is recommended to wash with hands. Use them, wash them and reuse them.

Shipping and delivery

They can take between 20 to 30 days to arrive.