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  • Coconut bowl filled with pink color dessert decorated with flowers.
  • Image for person holding two coconut bowls one on top of the other having two wooden spoons in it. Only person's hands and bowls are visible.
  • Image for the top view of coconut bowl filled with decorated dessert, placed on a plant based woven mat.
  • Image for the bottom view of coconut bowl.
  • Image for coconut bowls place on wooden and stone boards. Two coconut bowls one on top of other with wooden spoon in it, and another bowl on stone board with spoon in it.
  • Image for a coconut bowl with marked dimensions. Diameter range is 4.7 inches to 6.9 inches and the height range is 1.7 inch to 2.5 inches.
  • Image for a coconut bowl without a spoon.
  • Image for a coconut bowl with some dried flowers in it, placed on a wooden cutting board and a small cotton plush next to it.
  • Image for a coconut bowl and a wooden spoon next to it.
  • Image showing coconut bowls set, with 5 bowls, 5 wooden spoons and 5 wooden forks.
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Coconut Bowls Set | Organic Coco Shells | Handmade Zero Waste Bowls and Spoons

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Handmade without any synthetic materials

After the extraction and cleaning, each bowl is coated with extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil for sealing. No harmful lacquers or sealants are used.

Avoiding the trash

Normally the coconut shells would be burned and trashed to landfills. Bringing them to table as serving bowls saves that huge amount of trash.

Add perfection to your smoothie and breakfast bowls

The decorative look of bowls will add to the feel of your desserts, smoothies, rice, fruits and more. Prepare and serve your favorite recipes with more delight. Each set includes additional silicone bases to stabilize the bowls on the table.

Durable and eco friendly wooden gift set

The bowls are extremely durable and if taken care they can last for years. Available as bowls only, or with spoons and forks to make a complete set. They can be used as home decor as well.

Minor size variations

Since these shells represent the actual coconuts, they can never be the same size. The size / diameter range for these bowls is 4.72" to 5.9".

Care instructions

  • Please wash with hand, they are not safe for dishwasher.
  • They are not microwave safe.

Shipping and delivery

They can take between 20 to 30 days to arrive.