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  • Image for bamboo hair brush set with one large round hair brush, one small round hair brush for kids, one large square head hair brush, one big tooth hair comb, one double hair comb and a long tail fine teeth hair comb.
  • Image for bamboo wooden double hair comb, with one side having wide teeth and the other one having finer  and denserteeth.
  • Image for small round bamboo wooden hair brush for kids.
  • Image for long tail fine teeth bamboo wooden hair comb.
  • Image for bamboo wooden hair comb with big and a bit wider teeth.
  • Image for large oval head bamboo wooden hair brush.
  • Image for large square head bamboo wooden hair brush.
  • Image showing the bamboo wooden hair brush set with rope mesh packaging.
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Bamboo Hair Brush and Comb Set | Wooden Hair Brushes and Combs - 6 Pieces | Bamboo Brushes with Bamboo Bristles

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Wooden hair brush set for styling your hair

This set of hair brushes and combs is made of bamboo wood which gives your head a natural feel, helping you stay away from plastic and synthetic materials.

An eco friendly hair styling set

Made of 100% bamboo wood. Multi-style, multi-size hair brushes and combs help you at different levels of hair styling. Small combs and brush can be used to finish minor details. They can be used for beard combing as well. The small round brush is great for kids and baby hair.

Gently detangle your hair with bamboo bristles

Flexible and soft wood bristles on the brushes are less likely to break your hair when detangling them. Reduce hair loss for all hair types, wet or dry.

Grow more hair with a massage and increased blood flow

The massage effect with soft round bristles stimulates blood flow bringing more nutrients to your hair follicles.

Natural conditioning and anti-bacterial effect

The material has natural anti-bacterial properties keeping a healthy scalp. It evenly distributes the natural oils down the hair shaft giving them strong roots.

Package contents

  • 1 x big tooth comb (6.5in x 2.5in)
  • 1 x double comb (6.8in x 1.3in)
  • 1 x long tail comb (8.8in x 1.1in)
  • 1 x large square hair brush (9.7in x 3.3in)
  • 1 x mini round hair brush for kids (5.5in x 2.3in)
  • 1 x large round hair brush (8.9in x 3.1in)

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