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  • Image with two bamboo serving trays, one with cutlery in it and another one with a milk up and two pieces of bread.
  • Image for empty bamboo tray with marked dimensions as 11.8 inch long and 7.8 inch wide.
  • Image with empty bamboo serving tray, side angle.
  • Image with two bamboo serving trays on top of each other with a steel fork next to them.
  • Image with person eating the bread from bamboo serving tray using fork and knife. A milk cup is also placed in the tray.
  • Image with bamboo serving tray containing a cup with drink in it. A spoon and a drinking straw is placed in tray next to the drink.
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Bamboo Serving Tray | Wooden Platter for Food

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Be a part of the positive impact

Many serving trays are available in plastic material which can become part of the toxic waste. Switching over to natural options can help reduce the plastic waste. This serving tray is made of 100% bamboo wood.

Serve your favorite desserts and beverages

It can be used to serve cookies, appetizers, desserts and more. The 11.8" long and 7.8" wide tray can help carry small bowls, dishes and coffee cups.

Add a vintage look to your table

The wooden material gives an attractive look to your eating tray.

Natural and durable material

Made to last and is compostable when trashed after end of life.

Shipping and delivery

This item can take between 10 to 20 days to arrive. Free shipping to US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.