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  • Image for biodegradable plant starters, one with a small plant in it and two piles of handful of empty pots stacked on top of each other.
  • Image for an almost decomposed seed starter pot in a person's hand (person not visible). A small plant is also partially visible that grew inside the pot.
  • Image for a person holding a decomposed seed starter pot with a grown vegetable plant in it. The roots of the plant are visible.
  • Image for a small empty seed starter pot on the ground showing its front and side view.
  • Image for a small paper seed starter pot placed straight up, with marked dimensions as 2.36 inch diameter and 2.36 inch height.
  • Image for a small paper seed starter pot placed upside down showing its bottom view.
  • Image for three paper seed starter pots. One has a small plant in it and the other two are empty and lying on the ground.
  • Image for two paper seed starter pots lying on the ground, with one placed upright and the other one on its side facing front.
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Paper Plant Starters | Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots

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Get your garden started right

Help reduce plastic waste by using these compostable seedling pots, available in 10, 20 or 50 packs. They are made using recycled paper and bagasse (sugar cane residue). With a 2.4 inch diameter they are a great for starting flowers, herbs and vegetable saplings. They are about 2.4 inch tall.

Turns into a natural fertilizer

The material contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which becomes a natural fertilizer for the growing plants. You do not need to remove the plants from these pots when transferring to a larger space. Simply plant the whole thing as the pot is going to decompose into soil. You are not creating any waste because they are becoming part of the nature automatically.

Prevent damage to plant roots

In plastic pots the roots could get circulated, bent and rotted causing damage to the plant. With these compostable pots, the roots can easily stick out of the pot as it's soft and would start to decompose when damp in the soil.

Shipping and delivery

They can take between 15 to 25 days to arrive. Shipping is free.