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  • Image for reusable washable grocery bag containing nuts. The top mouth of bag is a green bar. It has a lock or draw string to secure the contents.
  • Image for reusable grocery bags filled with vegetables. Two bell peppers are placed next to the bag.
  • Image for reusable and washable grocery bag full of vegetables and hanged with a steel hook.
  • Image for two reusable grocery bags filled with fruits and vegetables placed next to a white plant based fruit basket.
  • Image for reusable grocery bags shown in multiple different angles. It also shows how the draw string can be used to lock the bag.
  • Image for reusable grocery bags shown as filled with fruits and vegetables and being washed in the kitchen sink. They are also shown as being used for storing toys.
  • Image for reusable grocery bags used to store and carry vegetables, fruits and toys. One part of image also shows a person putting their hand inside the bag to show the quality of fine fabric mesh which the bag is made of.
  • Image for 3 reusable and washable bags with marked dimensions. The large bag is 12 inch wide and 17 inch long. The medium bag is 12 inch wide and 15 inch long. The small bag is 12 inch wide and 8 inch long.
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Reusable Grocery Bags | Washable Shopping Bags | Foldable Grocery Bags | Pack of 12 in Mixed Sizes

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Avoid the plastic bags, help save environment

We do shopping and groceries multiple times a week. Most retailers use plastic shopping bags to pack your favorite items. These plastic bags are one of the biggest source of toxic plastic waste. Even though some cities and stores provide you the paper bags, but those consume the trees. Tons of plastic bags are trashed every year and only a small amount of them is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and eventually in oceans.

Reusable bags that are washable

The solution to pollution is the reusable and sustainable bags for your shopping and groceries. These bags are made of durable and soft fabric. They can be washed for durable and extended reuse. Say no to single use plastic bags. Good for us, good for the environment.

Large, medium and small bags in the package

Package includes 12 reusable bags (4 Large + 4 Medium + 4 Small). The dimensions of the bag sets are: Large (12 inch x 17 inch), Medium (12 inch x 14 inch) and Small (12 inch x 8 inch). This can serve multiple purposes from carrying small to large quantities of shopping or grocery items.

Foldable, packable and easy to carry

These reusable bags can be folded and are easy to carry to the store. You can fold and put large bags in one of the mini or small bags (included in the package), lock with its drawstring and carry arround. The drawstrings can be used as a handle to carry the bag full of items.

Durable and strong

The bag edges are double stitched for durability and won't tear apart with the weight.

Drawstrings to lock the contents

Can be locked to secure contents using the built in drawstring and the secure lock on it. The drawstring can also be used to hang the bag with the cart or on the wall hooks.

Multipurpose eco friendly bags.

Use them to store and carry groceries, fresh produce, cloths and toys etc. Use them for your other shopping needs and bring less plastic home. Let's not be shy when asking to use your own bags at the grocery store and supermarket.

How to clean the bags

  • Hand wash is preferred.
  • Bags are machine washable as well but prefer putting them inside a wash bag before putting them in the machine.
  • Air dry the bags for durability.

Shipping and delivery

They can take between 10 to 20 days to arrive.