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  • Image for 10 reusable bamboo drinking straws shown with a cleaning brush and paper packaging.
  • Image to show a reusable bamboo drinking straw being cleaned with a wired cleaning brush.
  • Image for reusable bamboo drinking straws placed in a cup.
  • Image for reusable bamboo drinking straws placed in a cup pictured from a top view.
  • Image for reusable bamboo drinking straws placed with a cleaning brush and a paper packaging box.
  • Image for a reusable bamboo drinking straw with marked dimensions as 8.66 inch long, inner diameter as 0.5 centimeters and outer diameter as 0.9 centimeters.
  • Image for three different smoothies in cups along with different fruits placed around them on a wooden surface. A reusable bamboo drinking straw is place in each smoothie cup.
  • Image for two cups of soft drink with reusable bamboo drinking straws in them. There is also some other food shown placed next to them on a wooden surface.
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Reusable Bamboo Straws | Biodegradable Drinking Straws with Cleaning Brush | Organic Straws Pack of 10

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Environmentally friendly straws for drinking

Single use plastic drinking straws are one of the items contributing to the huge plastic waste. These bamboo straws are an environment friendly alternative. They are reusable and with the cleaning brush they provide you the extended use. They are safe to dispose after wear and tear. They are completely biodegradable and compostable.

10 pack with a cleaning brush

The package includes 10 reusable and washable straws with a cleaning brush. The cleaning brush makes it easy to clean. Inner and outer diameters of the straw are 4mm - 5mm and 8mm - 9mm respectively. They are about 8.6 inch long.

Healthy option to enjoy your favorite drinks

They wouldn't leave any toxins when drinking your smoothies and other favorite drinks. This is because they are made from 100% bamboo wood that brings you close to the nature.

Bamboo straws vs paper straws

Even though the paper straws are biodegradable but they consume the trees essential to our environment. Bamboo is a fast growing natural resource so it is better to consume it for making things like straws and save other trees. This makes these straws an eco friendly choice.

Care instructions

  • They are dishwasher safe but it's better to wash and clean with hand.
  • The included cleaning brush allows you to clean the straws from inside using your regular dishwasher liquid.

Shipping and delivery

They can take between 10 to 20 days to arrive.