5 Easy Changes Towards a Plastic Free Life Style - Switch to Bamboo Alternatives

5 Easy Changes Towards a Plastic Free Life Style - Switch to Bamboo Alternatives

There are many of small daily use items that are plastic and can be easily replaced with more sustainable alternatives. Bamboo wooden products are one such alternative. Few examples are toothbrushes, q tips or cotton swabs, cleaning brushes etc. Read on for 5 easily available alternatives that can help make big difference towards a plastic free lifestyle.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast growing natural resource which can be used to make a variety of daily use items without having to consume the other useful trees. Once the bamboo tree establishes its roots, it can grow up to 35 inches per day. This makes it a perfect choice to make different products. It is biodegradable as long as the resulting product material is completely bamboo wood.

5 daily use alternatives made using bamboo wood

    Here are few examples of your daily use products that can be replaced with bamboo wooden products to completely avoid the plastic. These products more durable as well.

    1. Toothbrushes

    Billions of plastic toothbrushes are trashed worldwide every year. This is obviously a lot of plastic that ends up either in landfills, or in oceans where it makes the sea life harder.

    You can buy bamboo toothbrushes at goosavvy.com which are plastic free. They are available in 5 and 10 pack options.

    Image for bamboo wooden toothbrush with black bristles.

    2. Household cleaning brushes

    We use cleaning brushes in everyday household or kitchen cleaning. Plastic cleaning brushes are used mostly. How about going for a completely natural option?

    You can buy bamboo cleaning brushes at goosavvy.com. It is a set of 4 brushes to serve a variety of cleaning needs, from scrubbing the bowls to cleaning the cooktops and kitchen or bathroom sinks.

    Image for bamboo plant based cleaning brushes, set of 4.

    3. Cotton swabs or q tips

    We all need cotton swabs occasionally at least but nearly all of the locally available options come with plastic sticks. Replacing them with an option that has bamboo wooden sticks can make a big impact towards reducing the plastic waste.

    Here you can buy those double sided q tips at goosavvy.com which have bamboo wooden sticks (200 pieces per box). They have cotton buds at both sides which increases the usage. They are completely biodegradable when disposed off after use.

    Image for a box of 200 bamboo double sided cotton swabs available in six color options.

    4. Hair brushes and combs

    Hair brushes and combs are another source of plastic waste. Luckily they are available in bamboo wood as well. The natural material is not only safe for environment but also helps grow healthy scalp and strong hair.

    You can buy a complete set of bamboo hair brushes and combs at goosavvy.com. They are a set of 6, including brushes and combs of different sizes suitable for both adults and kids. We also have a brush only option.

    Image for bamboo hair brushes and combs, set of 6. Includes brushes and combs of different sizes suitable for adults and kids.

    5. Cutlery 

    We get plastic cutlery every time we buy takeout food. This cutlery is a huge source of plastic waste which ends up in landfills and hardly gets recycled. It is not difficult to carry your own reusable cutlery and say no to the single use plastic.

    You can buy reusable and portable bamboo cutlery set at goosavvy.com. It is a 7 piece set (1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 knife, 2 chop sticks, 1 drinking straw and 1 straw cleaning brush). It comes with a carrying pouch which is available in 4 colors.

    Image for portable reusable bamboo cutlery set, 7 pieces. Comes with a carrying pouch which is available in 4 colors.

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