Why use cork material?

What is cork?

Cork is harvested from the bark tissue of the cork oak tree (also known as Quercus suber). This tree is mainly native to southwest Europe, northwest Africa and Portugal. This material has been in use for over 5000 years, mainly to build floating devices and sealing liquid containers.

Cork bark
Cork is now used to manufacture a variety of products, from bottle stoppers to leather products as an alternative to regular leather.

Is cork material eco friendly? 

Yes, it is 100% eco friendly. It is biodegradable and is easily recyclable without producing any toxic residues. It is one of the greenest alternative to regular or synthetic materials. As long as non-toxic chemicals are used in its processing, this is a very environmentally friendly material.

The harvesting process

The harvesting process of the cork does not kill the actual tree. The bark is only separated from the tree during May and late August without causing any damage to the tree. The tree then regrows the bark tissue which helps absorb even more carbon (CO2), making this process even more environment friendly.

Products made from cork

Due to its properties, the cork material is used to manufacture a variety of products. Cork has natural water repellent property which makes it perfect for creating water resistant products.

Some of the products include yoga mats, yoga blocks among many more.

Below you will some of the products available here on goosavvy.com.

Cork yoga mat

With the top layer made from cork material, this yoga mat is an eco friendly choice for your fitness goals. This is a 6ft long and 2ft wide yoga mat with 5mm thickness.

Cork yoga blocks

These yoga blocks (also called yoga bricks) are made from the cork material. With high density material they are lightweight as well. They provide easy grip and solid support because of their textured surface. A stretching strap is included which you can use for stretching.

What's next?

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