Reusing plastic containers from groceries

Each time we get groceries, we get a bunch of plastic containers. Here are the examples of stuff we get in those (talking about plastic containers only, even though we get a bunch of glass ones):

  • Yogurt
  • Sauces / ketchup
  • Ginger / garlic paste
  • Cream / Cheese
  • Cooking oil / ghee (clarified butter oil)
  • Spices, oats

There are many more examples but the idea is how we reuse them to avoid as much waste and recycle as possible.

Reusing yogurt and cheese containers to store food items

Image for empty yogurt, cheese and sour cream containers.

These containers can be washed and used for storing any food items that we get in bulk and in loose.

Use the junk paper to wrap around containers

Get a lot of junk letters in the mail? That paper would otherwise be trashed or recycled. Let's use that paper to wrap around these containers to hide their existing labeling and re-label them for our own purpose.

These papers usually have one side completely blank which we can keep on the outer side and hide the writing inside. Wrap and glue the paper on to the container.

Image for wrapping the junk paper around an empty yogurt container for hiding existing printing and to label.

Similarly paste a round piece of paper on the lid.

Image to show how to hide the printing on lid of yogurt container.

Label them about what's inside

Once completely wrapping the paper around, label it as needed. We stored loose peanuts in that container so we labeled it accordingly.

Image for labeling the prepared container to store loose peanuts.

Use it to store loose food items

We usually get food items like peanuts and other dry food items in bulk or in loose. Large bags or containers would take more space in small kitchens, so we can store smaller amount in a container like this to save some space and store the rest somewhere else.

Image showing the storage of peanuts in a repurposed and labeled yogurt container.

Use small containers to store kids' drawing pencils

We use ginger paste in cooking and it usually comes in small glass or plastic containers. Our 5 year old loves coloring, hence a lot of color pencils and markers can be seen scattered around. Cleaning, drying and using an empty paste container helped clean that clutter.

Image showing how to use an empty ginger paste container to organize and hold color pencils.

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