is here! Your home to eco friendly and sustainable products. is here! Your home to eco friendly and sustainable products.

What's goosavvy?

goosavvy LLC ®, is an online store ( where you can shop environmentally friendly versions of your daily use products and help make a difference towards minimizing the impacts of climate change.

The goose (in the logo) wants us to be savvy about the environment we all share. They will be happy with the right buying choices we all make. We buy a lot to support our daily living but to do that if we can find environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives, it can make a big impact.

We encourage you to buy the right things for you and your surroundings.

What is environment friendly living?

Making choices that help reduce the waste, especially the toxic plastic waste, maximizing the reuse with sustainable products and recycling are few great examples of eco friendly lifestyles.

It is our lifestyle that makes or breaks it. Adopting a lifestyle where we can reduce the garbage and prefer reusable items over throw away or disposable ones can make a very positive impact.

How can we help?

We all care about our environment as we should. There are a lot of ways we can already make difference towards a healthy environment.

It's already possible!

The small everyday use items in our life, if replaced with their eco friendly alternatives, can make a huge difference. The small impact from every individual can go big.

This is not only helpful for our environment, it can also impact our health in a positive way. 

Here are a few we can help.

Use plastic alternatives

Image for reusable bamboo drinking straws

Finding alternatives to plastic or at least using recyclable versions of the plastic. We can use products that are not made of plastic or at least are made of a recyclable or non-toxic version of it. Examples are toothbrushes made of bamboo wood, BPA free water bottles, cleaning brushes made of bamboo wood etc. Shop all plastic free products.

No paper towels, get reusable options

Image for paperless cleaning towels

Using paperless towels, to replace regular kitchen towels. This would help preserve more trees. We can use natural cotton cloth towels, bamboo fiber towels which are washable after use. Shop all reusable paperless options.

Go after reusable and sustainable products

Image for reusable grocery bags

Using durable and reusable products so we don't have to throw away and buy again often. Silicone products are a durable alternative to regular plastic. Stainless steel bottles, lunch boxes, reusable metal drinking straws, reusable coffee capsules, microfiber dishwashing or cleaning sponges etc. Shop all reusable and sustainable products.

Use products made of biodegradable material

Image for biodegradable tea bags

Use products made of biodegradable material, so even if have to trash them, they won't harm our environment. Wheat straw, bamboo wood, bamboo fiber are good examples. Shop all biodegradable items.

Use products made of (bamboo) wood

Image for bamboo toothbrushes

Use bamboo wood products. Bamboo is a fast growing natural resource and its wood can be used to manufacture a variety of daily use products. This can save other trees which helps reduce carbon footprint. Shop all bamboo based products.

Go after clean energy options

Image for solar power bank

Choose clean energy solutions wherever possible. Small electronic devices can be be powered from sun light which can also reduce your energy bill. There are small wind energy solutions that are coming up too. Shop all clean energy products.

No plastic shopping or grocery bags

Inage for reusable grocery bags.

Plastic shopping and grocery bags are one of the biggest source of plastic waste out there. We can use reusable grocery or shopping bags and avoid plastic bags altogether. Shop all reusable options.

What's next?

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